Our Inspiration

It all started with a trip to our nutritionist & a few tests which were a real eye-opener.

We learnt that even though we may think we are fit & healthy (because we work-out regularly and consume generous portions of milk, dahi, veggies and fruits) in reality we may be severely nutrition-deprived. This nutrition deficiency, if ignored, could lead to more serious conditions in the future (diabetes, allergies, inflammation, etc). So if our body is giving us certain signals, like frequent headaches, fatigue, lethargy, constipation, etc, we should address them immediately.

This got us to solving our own need - how do we make our everyday diet wholesome and complete, so we do not fall prey to common diseases caused by lack of proper nutrition? And finally, after collaborating with nutritionists, food scientists, dieticians, chefs, food suppliers, fitness freaks, wellness coaches and gym instructors, we found the solution!